Private Salon with Jan van Tienen

Thursday April 20 at 7:00PM, private salon with Jan van Tienen, at the house of Maurice Ruffin.

We choose our words –
Notes on family
Deltaworkers and the Dutch foundation for literature present a partial English translation of Jan van Tienen’s debut novel Nothing here remains.

A family is a blunt instrument that guides and moulds. It shapes one’s character, like a drunk man shapes a vase. There are intentions, but they are fickle and their effect is uncertain, and all the while the wheel keeps turning. Sometimes the clay starts to chip. Let’s study the fragments.

Please contact us at to order a copy of Nothing here remains or to attend a reading in New Orleans.

Private Salon with Olivier Willemsen

Wednesday June 1 at 6:30PM, private salon with Olivier Willemsen, at the house of Moira Crone.

During a private salon writer in residence Olivier Willemsen will read from his novel Morgen komt Liesbeth (2014) (Liesbeth’s coming tomorrow). During his residency Olivier was guided by the New Orleans based author Moira Crone. For the salon she has invited a diverse group of writers from New Orleans who will all read from their own work.

The salon is hosted by Moira in her own house, hence the private nature of this event.

National Readathon Day

Saturday May 21 at 11:30AM, reading by Olivier Willemsen, at Faulkner House Books.


On National Readathon Day, May 21st, Faulkner House Books will be hosting a variety of authors reading from and discussing their recent work. Writer Olivier Willemsen will read from his novel Morgen komt Liesbeth (2014) (Liesbeth’s coming tomorrow).

Two boys in postwar Vienna learn about the world through the photographs that their father develops at home every day. They have never been outside. They live in an apartment high above the Gürtel, an avenue encircling the old city. One morning they watch from the window as their father gets into a tram, but that evening he does not return. The telephone rings, and the beautiful Liesbeth promises to look after them. But her arrival keeps getting delayed and it turns out that, apart from care, Liesbeth has quite different plans for the boys.

Liesbeth’s Coming Tomorrow was nominated the best first novel of the year by the Dutch daily newspaper Trouw and the European First Novelist Festival in Budapest, Hungary. His second novel is due in October 2016. During his residency in New Orleans Willemsen works on his third novel.