From Grief to Forgiveness, an Alchemical Process

An exhibition by Bianca Lucas at UNO Gallery

Saturday August 14 – Sunday September 5th
Opening: 6pm – 9pm
UNO Gallery, 2429 St Claude Ave, New Orleans

From Grief to Forgiveness, an Alchemical Process explores the processes surrounding Bianca Lucas’ making of her first feature, Love Dog. Utilizing the Jungian principles of Alchemical Transmutation, it traces the artistic evolution of the Opus at the core of the exhibition as simultaneous to an archetypal psychic transformation. From Nigredo – the dark matter, the shadow, the grief – through to Rubedo: the Philosopher’s Stone, the Gold, or forgiveness and the individuated Self.

Bianca Lucas has been working with Deltaworkers since 2019, when she took part in the residency program. She is a Polish/Australian filmmaker whose work explores the intersection of fiction and documentary. She is a graduate of the Film.Factory- a three year programme helmed by legendary director Bela Tarr. We’re proud to present the first constellation of film scenes at UNO Gallery. The work features performances by John Dicks and contain photography by Jozefina Gocman-Dicks.

UNO Gallery has invited Deltaworkers to curate an exhibition to continue the contact that has been built up over the last seven years. This iteration at the gallery will be followed by a larger project in 2022.