Nhung Dam

After a receiving a degree in Psychology, Nhung Dam studied acting at the Amsterdamse Toneelschool and Kleinkunstacademie. She operates as theater maker, actrice and writer. Nhung acted with several theater companies like Het Nationale Toneel, and is often casted for tv-series and films. With her own theater plays she performs at theatre festivals. Nhung wrote several theatre plays that are translated into German and English. She writes for the newspaper De Volkskrant and is part of the editorial board of literary magazine De Tirade. Her debut as a fiction writer, Duizend Vaders (a thousand fathers) got published with Bezige Bij and in 2019 it has been published in Germany.

At Deltaworkers, Nhung starts working on her new novel. She will immerse herself in the city and southern Louisiana, where she is interested in stories by people that are not from there. Starting from her own Vietnamese roots and a family history of displacement, the Vietnamese community is one of the groups she wil connect to. Her novel will develop based on the stories she collects and the conversations she will have. Place and environment are key to the final story and therefor Nhung takes the position a an observer and listener.

nhungdam.com (website in Dutch)