Siri Borge

Siri Borge is an artist and curator form Stavanger, Norway. She often works site specifically and from a Feminist and environmental point of view. The small, wealthy town of Stavanger is known as ’The Oil Capital of Norway,’ but things aren’t looking great. Due to plummeting oil prices the economy is declining. The local government isn’t able to turn the tide and is failing to focus on stimulating sustainable industries. Stavanger’s social structure is rapidly changing, something that Borge is witnessing up-close. She is interested in the economic and socio-political similarities and differences between her hometown and New Orleans. This inquiry will serve as a starting point for an artistic investigation on how the the oil industry impacts the fabric of local communities.

Borge’s residency is made possible by the city of Stavanger and the Rogaland Fylkeskommune and is a collaboration between Deltaworkers and PARSE.