Liesbeth’s Comming Tomorrow

Liesbeth's Comming Tomorrow

Two boys in postwar Vienna learn about the world through the photographs that their father develops at home every day. They have never been outside. They live in an apartment high above the Gürtel, an avenue encircling the old city. One morning they watch from the window as their father gets into a tram, but that evening he does not return. The telephone rings, and the beautiful Liesbeth promises to look after them. But her arrival keeps getting delayed and it turns out that, apart from care, Liesbeth has quite different plans for the boys.

Download the English translation of the first 2 chapters.

Olivier Willemsen (1980) grew up on an old farm on the outskirts of Haps, a small Dutch village right on the border with Germany. At the age of eighteen he left for Amsterdam, where he studied History at the University of Amsterdam, worked for several newspapers and magazines and became a full-time writer. Willemsen lives alternately in Amsterdam and on an island near Grou, in Friesland.