The Outer Limits

Thursday December 1 at 8PM, screening of films by Carlos Motta (Col), Laure Prouvost (FR) & Roy Villevoye (NL), at St. Mary Majaks, 918 St. Mary Street.

Still from Voice Over by Roy Villevoy

Still from Voice Over by Roy Villevoy


The Outer Limits forms an introduction to our 2017 side program. Alongside the residency we aim to collaborate with local and international artists, scholars, writers, filmmakers and institutions to explore what we can learn from New Orleans in regards to sexuality, gentrification and absurdism. To start off we’ve selected three films that explore these topics:

Deseos (Carlos Motta, 2015, 33 min)
A correspondence between a Columbian and a Lebanese woman demonstrates how laws and religion determine the dominant discourse on sexuality.

Wantee (Laure Prouvost, 2013, 15 min)
Lessons in representation and absurd storytelling, all washed down with an obligatory cup of tea.

Voice Over (Roy Villevoye, 2015, 22 min)
In the rainforest Papuans build a traditional sculpture for their deceased family member Omomá. In the meantime, the filmmaker has a business conflict elsewhere.

*Descriptions by the International Film Festival Rotterdam.