Days of Future Past / EPILOGUE

Tuesday May 31 at 6PM, Opening of the Inner Beauty Salon + Performance and talk, at the Inner Beauty Salon, 1109 Old Spanish Trail, Scott, Louisiana.


For the reopening of the Inner Beauty Salon of the Healing Arts Collective, visual artist Eric Giraudet de Boudemange will create an installation and a healing/art performance in collaboration with Becca Begnaud, Traiteur (traditional Cajun healer) in Scott, Louisiana. During his long stays in Scott, Eric and Becca underwent initiation journeys. Eric became a healer and Becca became an artist. The healing performance is the epilogue of their common voyage and the last chapter of Days of Future past, a series of live performances mixing science fiction, history and local traditions. The experiments were conducted last weekend in Vermilionville living history museum and folklife park in Lafayette with the support of the Acadian Center for the Arts (Lafayette) and Deltaworkers, international residence program based in New Orleans.