Sunday June 13th
11am NOLA (CDT) / 6pm A’dam (CEST)
Zoom MeetingID: 858 4966 1843

How can we be together otherwise? Let us listen with our bodies

With ANIMAterialities Siegmar offers a sound meditation for wandering together into a space where we don’t need to be alone. Let’s acknowledge the complicated grief, which is present in this time. Grief for the dead, grief for the climate, grief for social injustice, grief for anti blackness, grief for a certain idea of future; individual, collective, worldly and planetary grief.

ANIMAterialities invites us to practice giving our bodies as resonant space for each other’s nourishment and regeneration. How to sustain transformative quaking while asking: How can we be together otherwise?

Bring your headphones, a heavy object, a hot water bottle or a blanket

Siegmar Zacharias is a performance artist, researcher and death doula invested in immersive visceral art practices that accompany processes of transformation.

Red Vaughan Tremmel’s work explores spaces of play and pleasure, as historically significant sites of social struggle. He is a multidisciplinary artist and professor of history & gender and sexuaity studies at Tulane University.