Eric Giraudet de Boudemange

Eric Giraudet de Boudemange has a practice that starts from field work; an ethnographic experience outside the studio. In the past few years he has focused on traditional games and local practices in France, Belgium and the Netherlands, using them as tools to give shape to personal poetic narratives. He became a specialist in pigeon breeding, labyrinths, and had Theseus execute a rugby dance on bawdy songs. The ‘stories’ often talk about history, politics, folk culture, pop culture, landscape, biology and sex with a taste for absurdist British humor. The field work turns into colourful and playful installations containing sculptures, performances and video.

During his stay in Louisiana, Eric will look into diverse roots, hybrid languages, myths, music and folklore connected to the Cajuns and French Creoles, alongside a research into a specific group therapy that works with family constellations to reveal hidden histories. By digging into Cajun culture and history, a lot could be revealed about our own European medieval legacy. Eric will create his ‘stories’ by intertwining very different elements of research. He will use aspects of role playing games alongside the manifold constellations of¬†families of French decent to reveal new narratives inspired by Cajun folk culture and myths.