Toon Fibbe

Toon Fibbe employs tropes of performance art to function as tools for research. He intervenes in situations through a performative exploration of characters – real, fictional, current or historical – and collects material on his way. His activities spawn objects, texts and dialogues. More recently, he has predominantly been working with the character of the spy as dealer in secrets, someone who codes and decodes information, someone whose identity is unclear and who plays a role in the flow and distribution of information.

In New Orleans Toon will investigate capitalist hauntings from the future: capital isn’t interested in the present or the past but only in profit, and profit is gained in the future. In the light of the redevelopment of large parts of primarily the poorer areas of the city over the past decade he is interested in the idea of the haunted house; not in the last place because a haunted house is a cheap house. Amongst other things, he will use the 3d models of these redevelopment projects as an effigy of sorts while looking for connections between the past, present and future and between the virtual and the actual trying to influence all of them at once.