Frank Keizer

Frank Keizer (1987) is a poet, critic and editor. He is the author of two chapbooks and two volumes of poetry, Onder normale omstandigheden (Under Normal Circumstances, 2016) and Lief slecht ding (Sweet Bad Thing, 2019). His poems, which he has performed at numerous literary festivals all around the world, were translated into English, French, German, Turkish, Romanian and Indonesian. He works as an en editor for Perdu, a poetry foundation in Amsterdam where he heads a publication series for innovative poetry, as well as for nY, a Flemish literary magazine devoted to literature and criticism. His current writing project Hot Autumn revolves around the crisis of current political, historical, ecological and literary imaginaries, and the urgent need to develop critical languages situated between science, theory and literary writing that respond to this crisis.

During his stay in New Orleans, Frank will continue his current research on the possible languages connected to the post-climatic world. Specifically in New Orleans he will look into the development of collective forms of knowledge, – learning and living in the post-hurricane, and ecologically threatened landscape,- such as new practices of storytelling and survival and the teaching of ecological literacy. Through field work, visiting archives, conversation and group study with people in town, he wants to create a rich base to write from. (website is in Dutch)