Siegmar Zacharias

Siegmar Zacharias is a performance maker, researcher, curator. She explores the politics of alienation & intimacy in embodied thinking/being with matter and matters in collaborations with humans and non-humans. The work develops formats of performances, installations, discursive encounters dealing with questions of agency, ecology of artistic practice, modes of visceral rationalities. Learning from uncontrollable materials like, smoke, slime, swamps, earthquakes, the nervous system she is working towards a posthuman feminist poet(h)ics. Siegmar studied philosophy und Comparative Literature in Berlin (FU) and London (UCL), and performance at DasArts Amsterdam. She teaches internationally and is a regular guest lecturer at DOCH Stockholm, HZT Berlin, Bard College Berlin. Since 1993 she has been working on non-violent communication strategies with workers representatives. She is a Phd candidate at Roehampton University on a AHRC TECHNE scholarship. Her work has been shown internationally.

One of the things Siegmar will take on at Deltaworkers is to continue working on her drooling practice.It is an ongoing practice that explores the uncontrollable materiality of speech – drooling as a way of thinking. The Question is how much we are willing to swallow and when do we stop swallowing? What happens to the question of digestion in relation to the undigestible or toxins and toxic situation? How is this, a question of ethical dynamics situated in a hegemonic history of domination and control. The location of drool is the locus of intertwined exteriorities and interiorities. It is the locus of food, sex, language, breath, meaning making and sounding. She is researching practices of intimacies with death and extinction in the human / non-human delta.